Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Draft unity statement

We are:
  • Women born female who survived girlhood.
  • Women of all races and ages, lesbian, straight, bi, celibate, married, single.
  • Coming together for mutual aid and support.
  • Holding women's space for healing, mutual aid, leadership, and organizing to fight male domination
  • Taking action against white supremacist patriarchy. 
  • Opposed to the culture of male violence against women, including pornography and prostitution.

Code of conduct:
  • We are here for solidarity, peer support, and collective action for women and against male violence. 
  • We strive to eliminate male supremacy, racism, imperialism, classism, and other forms of domination and exploitation from our personal lives and communities
  • We pledge to listen more than we talk, treat each other with respect, set aside our differences, and seek areas of consensus rather than conflict.
  • This is a private group based on mutual trust: we will not “out” each other or disclose personal/political details outside of this group.

What is radical feminism?
  • Class analysis for the liberation of women. We seek to overthrow this culture that designates females as the sex class, that grooms us to be breeders, rape victims, prostitutes, and sex objects, and exploits us because of our biology.
  • Solidarity with other women of all races and classes.
  • Collective action against patriarchy.
  • We directly confront the crisis of male violence against women. We name the problem and the perpetrators.
  • We have the right to our own spaces separate from men: those who were born male and benefit from patriarchy. 
  • We have the right to our own spaces separate from men who say they identify as women.
  • We recognize that gender is a set of sex stereotypes designed to subjugate women's bodies and minds.
  • We are taking back our space, our voices, and our strength as women.

Radical feminism is not liberal
  • Our end goal is revolution, not reform.
  • It's not about equality. We want to free women from a violent and coercive system, not join forces with those who oppress us.
  • It's about radical feminists, not about the ones who hate us and challenge our right to exist on our own terms.
  • Individualism, identity politics, “fun feminism,” and consumerism do not change the material conditions of women worldwide.
  • Gender for most women is not a matter of choice. Switching genders and inventing new ones does not change the material conditions of women worldwide.
  • Men, those who were born male and benefit from patriarchy, have no say in defining women and feminism.