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Land dyke collectives past, present & future

Sister, we are on fire. Every time we raise the idea of women’s land, the response is huge! Women all over Canada saying “YES PLEASE, count me in.” 

So many dykes, elders, lesbian-feminists, and radical feminists who would love to create a home, a refuge, a sanctuary, a “motherland” where we can be safe(r) from male violence, harassment, and exploitation. Where we can support each other, help young women, care for the matriarchs, hold festivals and events, and restore the land and our spirits.

It goes without saying that the housing crisis is particularly harsh on single women. Too many of us suffer from predatory property owners. Let’s come together for all our sake.

In January 2020, four Vancouver Island women created the Church of Women’s Liberation, a non-profit society focused on women’s land. We have a copy of the MAIZE directory listing hundreds of land dyke farms and co-ops across North America. Many were established in the heyday of the movement, the 1980s and 1990s. Some are seeking new members, others are no longer active, and a few are up for sale. We’re encouraging other lesbian feminists and radical feminists to dream big and explore opportunities for more women’s land communities.

The history of women-only lands goes back to the time of Sappho and beyond, in cultures all over the world. Our foremothers can teach us a lot! This is an idea that’s urgently needed now .

Do you know of a women’s land collective on the West Coast or elsewhere in Canada? Share with us so we can contact them!

The Radfems.Ca and the Church of Women’s Liberation is for women only, per Section 41 of the BC Human Rights Act. More info: http://radfems.ca.

Thank you sister! Please pass it on!