West Coast Womyn

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January 1, 2020 

Congratulate us: West Coast Womyn is now Radfems of Canada! 

For the past year, we've fielded messages from across Canada and beyond, asking about radical feminists and gatherings in other parts of the country. In response to overwhelming demand, we created a mailing list and announcement page aimed at connecting radical women. 

And it's working! Our mailing list and honour roll are growing every month. But don't worry, our base is still here on the west coast. We're just opening our umbrella wider to include women from sea to sea to sea. 

Our mission remains the same:
  • Coming together and holding space for women and girls born female
  • Offering mutual aid and peer support
  • Pushing back against male domination
  • Joining or creating a women's community on the land 

On January 1, we took a huge leap into the new decade by registering a non-profit society so we can raise funds, recruit helpers, sponsor events, and achieve all our goals. We are looking for like-minded women to join us! Please contact us to be a part of one of these projects or to suggest your own. 
Radfems of Canada projects include: 

Thank you sisters! Let's get together again this spring!