Radfem Events

Picnic in the park followed by a temporary art installation, livestream and photo opportunity. We're celebrating the unshakeable voices and unbreakable spirit of women. Sowing the seeds of radical feminist community on the west coast and across the continent.

How to participate:
Join us in the park
Watch the livestream
Fly the flag

In the park: Call for photographers and demonstrators to bring purple and white flowers and ribbons to match the suffragette banner colours. This is a small gathering and you can be anonymous. Email us today for an invitation to the meetup.

Tune into the livestream on Facebook and join in the live chat. The video will be available to view after the event

Fly the flag: Print the #WomenWillSpeak sign and display it anywhere and everywhere. Let's demonstrate once again that censorship never works and #WomenWillWin.
Got art skills? Join the art and design team with a logo based on one of these themes.
First, a compass rose.

Second, a blue heron feather and deer fern leaf for the Women's Land Project

Thank you to our wonderful supporters
for sponsoring the Women's Land Tour and the Radfems.ca website and email! Funds are held in trust by the directors of the Church of Women's Liberation.


  Read our Unity Statement.

Keep the spirit sisters!

  All events are for women-born women only.